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Breakthrough technology of complex modeling of physical processes in the power industry for monitoring equipment «ENERGOMODEL»

Built on the basis of the automated system to ensure the reliability and quality of ASONIKA equipment (www.asonika-online.ru)

«ENERGOMODEL» technology is designed to analyze and ensure the durability of elements, devices, instruments for energy (EDIE), to complex thermal, mechanical and electromagnetic influences, to analyze the reliability and fatigue strength of EDIE, and to automate workflow in the design and development of EDIE.

The technology allows you to replace the test electronic EDIE computer simulation. Simulation in the design of the EDIE allows you to analyze the mechanical, thermal, electromagnetic and other effects even before their manufacture, which significantly saves money and reduces the creation time while improving quality and reliability by reducing the number of tests.


In 2020, STC «Energomodel» LTD became a supplier in the UNIDO

STC «Energomodel» LTD participates in the activities of international consortia:

1. Consortium NECO

National Energy Efficiency Consortium

President Ilyin S. A.

e-mail: neconsortium@mail.ru

2. Consortium MNOŃ

Consortium «International Scientific and Educational Center»

President Ilyin S.A.

e-mail: consortium.mnoc@mail.ru

3. Consortium «Strategy and project management»

President Vlasova I.N.

e-mail: spm.consortium@mail.ru